Violence. Suicide. Murder. Who in your community has not been affected? It is the cross. People wear crosses around their neck in all sorts of styles and fashions, from cosmetic jewelry to exquisite diamonds. Why? Do they truly believe? There is no doubt about it, no one on earth is exempt from pain, a cross if you will. It is what you do with that pain or the cross that makes a difference. Who hasn’t loved someone they have lost? I like this better. Who is  celebrating another year of precious life?

Sweet Caroline Godfrey was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She received the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. Before her surgery many friends and family gathered in a prayer circle for what she says “was the most moving, transforming experience ever.” Each soul sister had offered Caroline a rose, sharing a prayer for her strength and healing.

Another beautiful friend, Julie Ferrucci recently celebrated her 50th Birthday. Similarly, friends gathered in a prayer circle, each presenting Julie a rose in prayer to celebrate the gift of her beautiful life. Julie was the teacher’s aid at Saint Louis de Montfort Catholic School in Fishers, Indiana to Shannon O’Malia Hall, who was recently murdered by her ex-husband in July 2014 in Carmel, Indiana.

Our daughter, Shannon Buntin wanted to celebrate her 13th Birthday in a special way. I invited a  few mothers and daughters to gather together at The Marian House in Noblesville, Indiana. It was a surprise for Shannon on the morning of her Birthday, thT conveniently fell during the Fall Break. We assembled our mats in a circle, offering Shannon one rose at a time as she unwrapped the gift of prayer, she was completely amazed!

Where is this? What is it? It is a new movement called SoulCore. Founded in Indiana reaching far beyond Sydney, Australia, SoulCore is an invitation to the world in many languages. Inaugurated in 2012, SoulCore is a way to gather honoring your sacred body with others whom you may or may not even know. The invitation is for everyone regardless of age, demographic or sex. Based in Noblesville, Indiana The Marian House is home to SoulCore taking “church” out of the sanctuary and reaching into the streets.

Pope Francies has written documents, articulated homilies and demonstrated stretching outside of our-selves over and over again. Similarly, the SoulCore invitation is a modern day illustration of Christ at the center of our lives. SouCore is a good tool to build community in neighborhoods with other Christian people desiring inter-faith based dialect. Our communities are the cornerstones of our faith, but community is best achieved by coming together, gathering as a sacred family emulating the Holy Family.

Creating sacred SoulCore small groups at home, work and in church communities is the foundation for Christian friendships. You can register on-line for classes at The Marian House in Noblesville, IN. Other class leader offerings in Highland Heights, Ohio and Gates Mills, Ohio and many other locations are listed on the website. Several locations in Indiana include Fishers, Noblesville, Carmel and Geist area churches that offer SoulCore. At many colleges, including Purdue University, SoulCore friends become family by reaching into the streets, far beyond Catholics alone. The time and the need is now. We as Christians are called to step outside of our comfort zone, to lead others to Christ through Our Blessed Mother.

You do not need to be well versed in scripture to attend or host a SoulCore gathering. You are invited. Think of it as an invitation to do something good for you. Come alone or bring a friend because “wherever two or more are gathered in His name, there am I.” (Matthew 18:20).

For that special someone that has everything, a SoulCore DVD is available for purchase on the website There you will also find ofher fantastic items!


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