SWORDS of Truth

knots-in-handHave you ever had one of those situations where no matter how hard you tried, you weren’t able to fix it? I think we’ve all experienced this, likely many times. It’s the nature of living in a world where sin has taken hold. Sometimes, we say or do things that are selfish and hurtful – things that we can’t take back, even though we wish we could. Or maybe we’ve made poor decisions or acted without thinking, and there is no way to undo the harm. Some things – like health concerns, financial difficulties, or job losses – are beyond our control. But even in these cases, we can still choose how we will respond: whether we will turn to God and ask for His help, or whether we will try to ‘go it alone.’

maryundoerofknots Maria Knotenlöserin (Mary Undoer of Knots) by Johann George Melchior Schmidtner (c. 1700, oil on…

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