The CPR Daily Examine


The daily examination of conscience is an ancient Catholic practice. It’s very simple, and it’s designed to help us learn to hear and heed God’s voice in our hearts more and more easily.

Basically, it consists of taking a few minutes (3,5,7,10 minutes – whatever works for you) at the end of the day (or right before dinner, if that time works better for you) to prayerfully consider how you have been responding to God’s action in your heart throughout the day.

It also serves as an excellent ongoing preparation for regular Confession. Below you will find two possible methods for doing this examination. As you develop this habit, you will also adjust these methods to your own personal needs.

Daily Examination of Conscience: CPR Method

C = Claim your blessings Reflect on the good things that happened to you today, and explicitly recognize God’s hand in them. He has been loving you every minute of the day, thinking about you, drawing close to you. Thank him for the little blessings and the big ones. See his gaze of love directed toward you. Ask him to help guide these few minutes of prayer.

P = Pinpoint victories and losses Taking a kind of “helicopter” view of the activities of the day, examine how you lived them. Where were you selfish in your decisions, attitudes, words, and actions? Where were you virtuous and generous? Also examine how you responded to the Holy Spirit’s inspirations throughout the day. As you do this, ask for (and accept!) God’s forgiveness for the times you gave in to selfishness or temptation, and thank him for the graces he gave you to do good and to be faithful to his will.

R = Renew your loving commitment to Christ Finish by renewing your faith in God and your desire to know Jesus more clearly, to love Jesus more dearly, and to follow Jesus more nearly every single day. If possible, make a specific resolution (proposal of amendment) regarding something you will have to do tomorrow – something you can do to show Christ your love in a concrete way. End with an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and the sign of the cross, or another favorite prayer. Daily Examination of Conscience: Analytical Method Quiet your soul and enter in God’s presence, asking him for light to know yourself and to know him. Review the major areas of God’s will in your life, examining the level of your faithfulness to what God was asking of you. Trust that the Holy Spirit will draw your attention to what he wants you to reflect on. As you do this examination, keep asking yourself “Why?” so that you are sure to let God’s healing grace seep in to the very roots of your selfish tendencies.

a. You could arrange this examination by key relationships:     i. Relationship with God: prayer, obeying the commandments…

ii. Relationship with others (especially those closest to you): honesty, generosity, compassion, loyalty, purity, patience…     iii. Relationship with self: responsibility (work, school, home, money), laziness, healthy discipline

b. You could arrange this examination by the three W’s:

i. Way – How did I treat people? How did I go about my business? In a Christ-like way?

ii. Words – Were my words worthy of Christ?

iii. Works – Were my decisions and actions in harmony with my mission as a Christian? Thank God for the good that, with his grace, you were able to accomplish; ask for (and accept!) his forgiveness for your shortcomings and sins.

Renew your commitment to follow him even more closely tomorrow (if you can identify a specific resolution to make your commitment even more concrete, all the better)

Taken directly from the Laudette app.


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