Your Body is Sacred a temple of the Holy Spirit


“This Sunday’s readings, the second Sunday in Ordinary Time show the diverse ways that the call to discipleship can come. Samuel has a direct experience of God, and, with the help of a more experienced companion, is able to understand what God is asking. In the Gospel, the call comes through the mediation of another’s witness. In whatever way the call to discipleship comes, Paul reminds us that we do not encounter the Holy as disembodied spirits. Rather, our bodies are sacred, “temples of the Holy Spirit.” That Jesus took on human flesh and that God raised him bodily underscore the importance of the body.

A corporeal spirituality helps us counter any exploitation of the body: in sex trade, or overexposure in the manner of dress, or the battering of bodies with abuse or torture, or the devaluing of aging bodies. It is through our bodies that we experience godliness and in them that we glorify God.”

Praying with Scripture:

1. Who was instrumental in bringing you to Jesus? Pray in thanksgiving for them.

2. Who do you bring to Jesus?

3. Give thanks for your body, through which you glorify God.

Sr. Barbara E. Reid, OP
Professor of New Testament Studies
Vice President and Academic Dean
Catholic Theological Union at Chicago


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