SoulCore is HIGH DEFINITION prayer


This is not your regular prayer circle. It is SoulCore. This is taking prayer to a whole new level of consciousness. If you are ready for a relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ, turn up the volume! This high definition exercise is second only to the prayer deep within your heart.

The rosary is for anyone who desires interior peace and wants to grow in virtue by meditating on the life of Christ.

You can dowload the digital exercise now. The book to be published in 2015 explains more about the mysteries in modern day terms. SoulCore is a good tool to build community because community is the cornerstone of our faith. But, community is best achieved by coming together face to face, gathering as a sacred family emulating the Holy Family.

The time and the need is now for people of all ages, not bound by sex or religious affiliation to gather together as one family. Like the tabernacle, your body is sacred, a temple of the Holy Spirit. Until you treat it as such, you will never know God fully.

SoulCore engages family members to share sacred time together, turning words into action and prayer into practice.

Is God calling you away from something and more toward Him? Only you know the answer deep within your heart. Trust in Him and believe in providence.


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