Peace Love Pilgrimage, LLC.


When my dad, William F. O’Rourke, Jr. died 10 years ago on July 23, 2005, my life was changed forever. Anyone who has grieved the loss of a loved one knows the feeling. I held Dad’s hand as he breathed his last breath. What happened next has to be by the grace of God because I don’t know what else to call it. As I lifted the emerald green rosary beads off his chest I was completely overcome by an incredible sense of peace and love that only God can give. His hospice room was a sacred space in the midst of insurmountable pain, like that of Jesus. Dad thoroughly enjoyed listening to music up until the very end. I could go on and on but I will leave it at this…one of Dad’s favorite songs was by TRAIN “Calling All You Angels.”

Fast forward, ten years later, to the summer of 2015. My husband, Eric and I attended the TRAIN concert, by providence. Compliments of Larry and Susan Ross, our friends by choice, neighbors by chance. We gratiously accepted their invitation to go! You see, the irony is that Dad was the king of concert tickets, just like our friends. He handed out tickets freely when we were growing up. I was fortunate enough to take friends and attend more concerts in my youth than most people ever dream of in a life time. This concert was different though.

“I need a sign to let me know your here. All of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere…🎼🎤🎧

Ten years later the undeniable sense of peace and love from heaven above shook me to the core. It was as clear to me as the day is long and the sky is blue. My prayer is that others may find peace and love in the same manner that I did. Christian belief and teaching tells us that real peace and love can only be found in God, not in material things or people.

Introducing …..Peace Love Pilgrimage, LLC. The mission is to take the Sacraments, Saints and SoulCore, on the road. We are an apostolate steeped in the teachings of the Catholic Church. We transport people to holy and sacred places so that they can go deeper on their faith journey, both domestic and international itineraries abound ……because “there is a time for everything.” (Ecclesiastes 3).

You’re invited! September 27, 2015

Indianapolis to Philadelphia

Mass with Pope Francis!

Here we go!image


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