God’s test is my testimony and it turned my passion into a purpose



I want to share with you why the feast day of Saint Louis de Montfort is so important to me. 

My husband, Eric and I responded to God’s call 18 years ago when we moved from Chicago to Fishers, Indiana. 

Like many of you, Saint Louis de Montfort became our home away from home, a place where friends quickly became family.

I am always amazed at God’s perfect timing especially when you look back upon a situation that was once difficult and later can see the many graces of God at work.

Seven years ago while I was studying for my masters degree in pastoral theology, I was being treated for an illness at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota; it was about the same time that my mom was robbed, beaten and strangled in her Chicagoland home by an intruder. When I arrived at ICU, I knew my mom was going to be okay because when she heard my voice whispering a Hail Mary into her ear, she immediately responded by squeezing my hand. Because she was breathing with the help of a ventilator she couldn’t speak a word.

It was an incredibly painful time physically, emotionally and spiritually. I prayed that God would give me some sort of a sign.

The next thing I knew the doctors told me that my surgery would be on April 28…..the feast day of SLDM. A sure sign!

Someone told me to ask the surgeon if he would pray with me before my surgery and the last thing I remember was praying a Hail Mary.

When I woke up from surgery, by the grace of God, my husband Eric and our 2 young children were surrounding me. Of course I was thinking “am I all better? What did the doctors say?” Eric didn’t know the answer, so he responded by showing me a text on my phone. It said:

“the Saint Louis de Montfort staff prayed the rosary today for your healing.”

Another incredible sign!


When I asked, God gave me the signs that I needed to see! There was no doubt in my mind that God was calling me to a deeper relationship with Him through the intercession of Saint Louis de Montfort. 

Throughout the healing process, as if I didn’t have enough grad school books, I started to read the writings of St. Louis de Montfort, most notably his book on Marian Consecration. I learned ….. SLDM was born in 1673 in France and died at the age of 43 and he was a Priest for 16 impactful yrs. 

TODAY, nearly 300 years after the death of Saint Louis de Montfort, he is known as THE pioneer of Mariology, the study of Mary the Mother of God; a degree offered at catholic universities throughout the world. Incidentally, Fr Leo Patalinghug our keynote speaker tonight studied Mariology in Rome, under JPII.

Saint Louis de Montfort is one of the earliest and greatest promoters of the rosary and his writing influenced Saint John Paul II so much that Pope John Paul II dedicated his entire pontificate and his papal motto to Mary, citing the words of Saint Louis de Montfort. Pope JPII credited Saint Louis de Montfort in his encyclical on the rosary stating that the writing of SLDM marked a turning point in his life.

I believe that signs are everywhere but we have to BE still to recognize them. When I picked up National Geographic magazine in the grocery store check out line, I saw MARY



on the cover of June 2018 as a sign that our world is desperately in need of messengers to pray the rosary. I know first hand what an incredible feeling it is to be on the receiving end.

My hope and my prayer is that when you leave here tonight you will recognize a saint working in your life, like Saint Louis de Montfort did in mine. Thank you.




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